We specialise in express and door to door parcels and ADR transport. We are open to every request.

Domestic and international transport

We offer either whole or part lot transportation within the EU countries. The countries we serve are primarily United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Benelux, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Scandinavia. We are proud of using our own fleet as well as offering services of trusted third party companies. We have all the necessary licenses and documents necessary to delivery package in all EU countries or special zones. We are distinguished by experience and professional staff who are watching over the correct course of every service undertaken by our company. We are proud of offering the best services guaranteed by certificate of trust aimed by us and best references of companies that we are cooperate with.

Transport at controlled temperature

We offer a professional and safe service of transporting goods requiring transport at controlled temperatures. We are aware that the food, plants, medicines and chemicals we supply require transport in special conditions so that they retain their properties.
We know that transport in conditions of controlled temperature requires special consideration on each stage of delivery. Therefore, we guarantee that our services meet the highest standards of safety, hygiene and storage in order to preserve the cold supply chain. Our fleet of modern and hygienic vehicles with different payloads is available for deliveries throughout Europe.

Hazardous materials - ADR

F.T. TRANS meets all requirements for the transport of dangerous goods within the European Union. Our customers can count on complete and comprehensive information on the requirements and conditions under which transport should be carried out. Professional transport organization ADR provides our customers with a guarantee of timely delivery of goods, safety and the highest quality of service.

Express "Door to Door" shipments

Our specialties are Express and Door to Door shipments. Advantage of F.T. TRANS is the professionalism of the drivers as well as the experience of the forwarders. We carry out constant monitoring of vehicles, which allows us to inform our customers about the position of the transport - which helps in planning the exact time of loading and delivery of the shipment.