We offer professional and safe transport of medicines and goods which require transport at a controlled temperature. Hazardous materials transport - ADR, SENT forms

Domestic and international transport

"We offer a complete and partial transport and organize transport services within the whole territory of the European Union. Countries in which we operate are mainly: Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Benelux, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Scandinavia.
We have our own car park, and we cooperate with trusted transport companies. We hold all licences and documents required to operate in specific countries or special zones. We provide transport with all types of bodywork.
We stand out with experience and professional staff who monitor a proper performance of each service we provide. We would like to invite you to use our services. Our professionalism is confirmed with a Reliability Certificate and the opinions of those who already entrusted us."

Medicinal products transport

We are specialised in international and domestic transport of medical products and medicines. Cargo safety is most important to us. Pharmaceuticals are transported keeping the highest standards. Our drivers have extensive experience and act in compliance with procedures defined for pharmaceuticals transport. Good Distribution Practice Certificate confirms the high quality of our services as regards medicinal products transport.

Temperature-controlled transport

"We offer a professional and safe transport for goods which require transport at a controlled temperature. We know that food, plants, medicines, or chemical products we provide require transport in special conditions to keep their characteristics. We know that transport at a controlled temperature requires special attention at each stage of delivery. That is why, we guarantee that our services meet the strictest safety and hygiene standards. Keeping an appropriate temperature during transport is confirmed by a print-out from the registering device. Our car park of modern vehicles with DMC 7.5 tons is available for deliveries within the whole territory of Europe."

Hazardous materials - ADR

F.T.TRANS company fulfils all requirements for transporting hazardous materials within the European Union. Our customers may rely on comprehensive information concerning requirements and conditions which must be met to carry out the transport. The professional organisation of ADR transport guarantees timeliness of deliveries to our customers, safety, and the best quality of services.